Microelectronics Research Center

BanerjeeLab is located at the Microelectronics Research Center in the J. J. Pickle Research Campus in North Austin. MRC is home to a class-100/1000 nanofabrication clean room and extensive support facilities open to a community of researchers and engineers from diverse academic fields and industry. MRC is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI).

For a detailed description of the MRC clean room and center facilities, visit this webpage.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy
with in-situ materials analysis

UHV MBE system with in-situ analysis chamber capable of XPS, variable temperature STM, AFM, UPS and Auger XPS.

Si/Ge plasma-enhanced low-T epitaxial growth

Intrinsic, doped (n, p-type) hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) growth
Gas source: Argon, Helium (Plasma source), Silane, Phosphine, Diborane, Hydrogen

Si/Ge compatible UHV growth

Lamp:14 kW
Gas Sources: hydrogen, dichlorosilane, germane, diborane, phosphine, methylsilane, acetylene
Base Pressure: ~10-6 Torr

Si/Ge compatible UHV growth

Graphite cup heater (~ 750C)
Gas: disilane, germane, diborane, phosphine, methylgermane
Base pressure: 5E-10 torr

Hot-wall vdWE
Catalyst-free van der Waals epitaxy

vdWE growth for Bi, Sb and Mo Chalcogenide TI/TMD compounds.
Programmable three-zone furnace (up to ~1200 C, 40C/min ramp)
Argon, Nitrogen carrier gas

Renishaw inVia Raman
Raman microscope

Raman microscope equipped with 532 nm green and 442 nm blue laser sources. Capable of performing photoluminescence (PL) measurements.
Coming soon: Cooled Raman measurements

Quantum Design PPMS
High-precision cryo magnetotransport

Closed-loop liquid He cryo chamber
9 Tesla superconducting magnet
DC and AC angle-dependent magnetotransport down to 2 K
Interfaced with SRS 830 Lock-in amplifiers and HP 4140a

Lakeshore FWPX
High-precision wafer scale DC - RF probed measurements

Vacuum cryo measurements down to liquid-He temperatures. Interfaced with Agilent B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer for DC and Agilent E8361C PNA for RF measurements up to 67 GHz

Cascade Summit 11000 AP
High-precision DC - RF probed measurements

Interfaced with HP 4156 semiconductor parameter analyzer for DC and Agilent E8361C PNA for RF measurements up to 67 GHz

RF Test Setup
High-precision RF probed measurements

Interfaced with Agilent E8361C PNA for RF measurements up to 67 GHz
Can be used with Lakeshore for vacuum/low-T measurements